The Storm Giants

Eldaris: Arrival in Bryn Shander
Entangled with filth

One day in our long journey on the magical cloud tower a group of cultists from the elemental plane of air arrived by giant vulture. They landed to negotiate with the giant on bringing about the end of existence. The party decided this was inadvisable and so suggested to the giant he politely tell them to remove themselves.

Another few days and a dragon named Cedric or something or other, along with a bunch of angry dwarves turns up to try and destroy the magical castle's magical orb (orders from a queen angry about a recent storm giant attack). Again this group were dispatched with a few strong words. We did however find out the dragons destroyed the storm giant empire millenia ago.

After another few days of conversation we came to the conclusion Zephyroth is low down the ladder in the ordening and has a whole host of people above him in other planes dictating what he should do.

Eventually we arrived and were released. We promptly headed to the first inn in Bryn Shander and drunk and delivered the bad news. However we were roped into doing a job for some low life Zhentarin goon. Our hands were tied. We will not let them get what they want.

Eldaris: A storm giant appears
We are trapped

After what was possible the worst hangover in months we awoke to find Aldrich had made a crazy agreement to travel all the way north to Bryn Shander in Icewind Dale to inform a relative of the atrocities here in Nightstone. After much discussion we reluctantly embarked upon this journey.

One night in and we stopped to rest. I had a weird dream about a cold wolf.

Shortly after waking from that however a mysterious giant floating cloud wizard hat extended itself towards us. The party hid in a bush, however Guernon decided to walk all the way up, fearing his death we followed.

On arrival we found a very peculiar storm giant named Zephyroth, he seemed to have immense magical power, and a lot of books. Apparently he was simply here to help transport us to our destination, however informed us quite a lot about The Ordening, and how we are apparently going to help resolve it. He sounds suspicious.

Eldaris: Nightstone Restored
The ooze was real

After yet another night in Nightstone the party went out towards the caves where the residents were hiding.

The party's cautious approach to the cave was immediately ruined when Blazanar ran wrecklessly in and disturbed a troll bathing. Cue another glorious battle where the power of Lliira was called upon many times to restore health to everybody. Trolls, goblins, a complete mess.

The villagers were mostly saved, luckily the demon villager was not.

It did not end on a high however as the party had to flee the cave due to a rapidly spreading ooze. Blazanar stayed behind to presumably bathe in the ooze (he enjoyed bathing this day) and we had to wait well over an hour for his return.

Upon return to Nightstone we threw a glorious festival in celebration of Lliira, and danced and drunk until morning.

Eldaris: Orcs attack
The holy mace is lost

Just when we thought everything was calm again, a roaming part of orcs attacked the town. Hundreds of them climbing over walls.

Such was the battle that Eldaris lost his holy mace in the thick of the fight. He gloriously fought his way unarmed back into the towns armoury to resupply before returning to the fray.

The orcs were all defeated, however our Zhentarin prisoner escaped to wreak havoc on the world.

Eldaris: The Town is Cleansed

The party finished their sweep of the village discovering in the process yet another goblin to be dispatched. A house covered in infernal runes with religious symbols of Asmodeus, the symbol was destroyed and the runes scratched off. The house was re-blessed.

After clearing the village the party went towards the keep where they found a gap in the bridge across the moat. A rope was fastened and Eldaris carried himself across with grace.

Within the ruined keep 4 guards were around the dead body of the lady of the village. The party convinced them to join them in protection against the Zhentarin bandits. They promptly arrived and the bandits were dealt with after Eldaris bravely led the battle across the drawbridge of the village. The bandit leader was badly wounded and had to use 3 horses to escape in the process, however due to the poor shooting from the rest of the party he did indeed escape.

After further quizzing and wetting of the prisoner in the hermits soaked hole, it was revealed that an entity known as "The Brain" controls the Zhentarin from the city of Waterdeep. The party plans to take her there as a prisoner and deal with this brain. 

However first they must find the villagers who the guards assure them have fled to some nearby caves..

Gueron: New tunes

Came up with a lively new reel earlier today "The shocking grasp".

Now working on a jig "The bound maiden", would it work better in 6/8 or 9/8 I wonder? 

Eldaris: We found a woman

After clearing out a couple more buildings of goblins, the party turned their attention to the worgs in the town square. Eldaris blessed the party and thus the goblins were slaughtered with ease. Such was the strength of the blessings from Lliira our lady of joy that the party proceeded to dispatch wave after wave of goblin onslaught. In the mean time Aldrich went on a bezerking spree and threw javelins at rocks.

After the joy was dealt, everybody investigated the hole in the centre of Nightstone. The party remembered that a large obsidian obelisk once stood there, there was now only a hole. The hermit urinated in this hole.

Eldaris led the charge into the inn where another goblin was dealt joy. After rummaging through the kitchen and picking up a nice set of saffron and cloves, a mysterious woman was discovered upstairs. Eldaris detected great evil from her and thus under holy orders she was bound with 20 foot of rope. She was interrogated and revealed herself as a member of the Zhentarin, filled us in on the storm giant destruction of the town, and informed us via a written note that her friends would be arriving soon. As she was of no further use the hermit gagged her and carefully lowered her into his urine soaked hole.

In anticipation of the arrival of her friends, Blazanar rightfully suggested that the town gates be raised so that nobody could enter. After this feat of engineering the party felt exhausted and stopped to feast on a glorious meal of clove roasted chicken.

Erkas: The first nights rest

The towns clear now . . . . . . 

That woman is still in the hole, the others say she should live . . . . all I can think of is blood . . . . BLOOD

I will meditate on this as these thoughts are making me stray from my path . . . . . . 

Eldaris: The story begins

Our brave adventurers heed the call for some help at a nearby town dealing with a goblin problem.

When they arrive they find an abandoned town seemingly attacked with boulders, and an ominous bell ringing.

Upon entry they see no people in the town, two worgs eating something, and bell ringing coming from the temple. Aldrich and Blazanar sneak into the temple to investigate and find two goblins playing with their bells. Eldaris valliantly dives through the window and the two goblins are defeated.

Not wanting to disturb the worgs, the party heads over to the windmill where Eldaris leads the charge into the building and two more goblins are taken down in glorious battle. Outside another couple of goblins are picked off through some sharpshooting by The Hermit.


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