The Storm Giants

Eldaris: The Town is Cleansed

The party finished their sweep of the village discovering in the process yet another goblin to be dispatched. A house covered in infernal runes with religious symbols of Asmodeus, the symbol was destroyed and the runes scratched off. The house was re-blessed.

After clearing the village the party went towards the keep where they found a gap in the bridge across the moat. A rope was fastened and Eldaris carried himself across with grace.

Within the ruined keep 4 guards were around the dead body of the lady of the village. The party convinced them to join them in protection against the Zhentarin bandits. They promptly arrived and the bandits were dealt with after Eldaris bravely led the battle across the drawbridge of the village. The bandit leader was badly wounded and had to use 3 horses to escape in the process, however due to the poor shooting from the rest of the party he did indeed escape.

After further quizzing and wetting of the prisoner in the hermits soaked hole, it was revealed that an entity known as "The Brain" controls the Zhentarin from the city of Waterdeep. The party plans to take her there as a prisoner and deal with this brain. 

However first they must find the villagers who the guards assure them have fled to some nearby caves..


Legion_Zero Treguard

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