The Storm Giants

Eldaris: We found a woman

After clearing out a couple more buildings of goblins, the party turned their attention to the worgs in the town square. Eldaris blessed the party and thus the goblins were slaughtered with ease. Such was the strength of the blessings from Lliira our lady of joy that the party proceeded to dispatch wave after wave of goblin onslaught. In the mean time Aldrich went on a bezerking spree and threw javelins at rocks.

After the joy was dealt, everybody investigated the hole in the centre of Nightstone. The party remembered that a large obsidian obelisk once stood there, there was now only a hole. The hermit urinated in this hole.

Eldaris led the charge into the inn where another goblin was dealt joy. After rummaging through the kitchen and picking up a nice set of saffron and cloves, a mysterious woman was discovered upstairs. Eldaris detected great evil from her and thus under holy orders she was bound with 20 foot of rope. She was interrogated and revealed herself as a member of the Zhentarin, filled us in on the storm giant destruction of the town, and informed us via a written note that her friends would be arriving soon. As she was of no further use the hermit gagged her and carefully lowered her into his urine soaked hole.

In anticipation of the arrival of her friends, Blazanar rightfully suggested that the town gates be raised so that nobody could enter. After this feat of engineering the party felt exhausted and stopped to feast on a glorious meal of clove roasted chicken.


Legion_Zero Treguard

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