The Storm Giants

Eldaris: The story begins

Our brave adventurers heed the call for some help at a nearby town dealing with a goblin problem.

When they arrive they find an abandoned town seemingly attacked with boulders, and an ominous bell ringing.

Upon entry they see no people in the town, two worgs eating something, and bell ringing coming from the temple. Aldrich and Blazanar sneak into the temple to investigate and find two goblins playing with their bells. Eldaris valliantly dives through the window and the two goblins are defeated.

Not wanting to disturb the worgs, the party heads over to the windmill where Eldaris leads the charge into the building and two more goblins are taken down in glorious battle. Outside another couple of goblins are picked off through some sharpshooting by The Hermit.


Legion_Zero Treguard

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