The Storm Giants

Eldaris: A storm giant appears

We are trapped

After what was possible the worst hangover in months we awoke to find Aldrich had made a crazy agreement to travel all the way north to Bryn Shander in Icewind Dale to inform a relative of the atrocities here in Nightstone. After much discussion we reluctantly embarked upon this journey.

One night in and we stopped to rest. I had a weird dream about a cold wolf.

Shortly after waking from that however a mysterious giant floating cloud wizard hat extended itself towards us. The party hid in a bush, however Guernon decided to walk all the way up, fearing his death we followed.

On arrival we found a very peculiar storm giant named Zephyroth, he seemed to have immense magical power, and a lot of books. Apparently he was simply here to help transport us to our destination, however informed us quite a lot about The Ordening, and how we are apparently going to help resolve it. He sounds suspicious.


Legion_Zero Treguard

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