The Storm Giants

Eldaris: Arrival in Bryn Shander

Entangled with filth

One day in our long journey on the magical cloud tower a group of cultists from the elemental plane of air arrived by giant vulture. They landed to negotiate with the giant on bringing about the end of existence. The party decided this was inadvisable and so suggested to the giant he politely tell them to remove themselves.

Another few days and a dragon named Cedric or something or other, along with a bunch of angry dwarves turns up to try and destroy the magical castle's magical orb (orders from a queen angry about a recent storm giant attack). Again this group were dispatched with a few strong words. We did however find out the dragons destroyed the storm giant empire millenia ago.

After another few days of conversation we came to the conclusion Zephyroth is low down the ladder in the ordening and has a whole host of people above him in other planes dictating what he should do.

Eventually we arrived and were released. We promptly headed to the first inn in Bryn Shander and drunk and delivered the bad news. However we were roped into doing a job for some low life Zhentarin goon. Our hands were tied. We will not let them get what they want.


Legion_Zero Treguard

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