The Storm Giants

Eldaris: Nightstone Restored

The ooze was real

After yet another night in Nightstone the party went out towards the caves where the residents were hiding.

The party's cautious approach to the cave was immediately ruined when Blazanar ran wrecklessly in and disturbed a troll bathing. Cue another glorious battle where the power of Lliira was called upon many times to restore health to everybody. Trolls, goblins, a complete mess.

The villagers were mostly saved, luckily the demon villager was not.

It did not end on a high however as the party had to flee the cave due to a rapidly spreading ooze. Blazanar stayed behind to presumably bathe in the ooze (he enjoyed bathing this day) and we had to wait well over an hour for his return.

Upon return to Nightstone we threw a glorious festival in celebration of Lliira, and danced and drunk until morning.


Legion_Zero Treguard

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